Engage waiting clients VisioCare TV is a contemporary waiting room TV service

VisioCare TV delivers educational, animated messages about pet health, which can be shown on a screen in your reception area or waiting room. The content has been designed to encourage your clients to ask questions about the wider range of products and services available at your practice.

  • Reduces perceived waiting time and increases client satisfaction
  • Promotes genuine client engagement within your practice
  • Informs and entertains clients while they wait
  • Improves clinical outcomes with its rich library of educational content
  • Increases revenue by delivering key messages on featured products

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Educate and Entertain Creating the perfect waiting room TV experience

First impressions count and VisioCare TV will help to deliver a positive experience and delight your clients from the moment they walk in the door.

The animated videos- which cover a wide range of pet health and wellbeing topics – are entertaining and informative and will reduce your client’s perception of their waiting time.

Content can be personalised to include a guided tour of your practice, an introduction to your team or information on the various services you offer, the possibilities are endless. The system is quick and easy to install – all you need is a TV screen – and you have full control over the selection of animations displayed in the loop.

Strengthen loyalty to your practice

Create a strong and professional first impression of your practice by transforming the waiting room experience for your clients.

Save on reception staff time

Let VisioCare TV entertain your clients with educational content tailored to your practice, reducing the pressure on your reception staff.

Effective animations

An impressive library of high-quality animated content and educational videos that can be tailored to your vet practice.

Innovative experience

Don’t rely on your practice posters and magazines to drive your key messages. Customise the contents of your playlist to interact with your client effectively.

Prompt awareness

The animations will naturally trigger questions from your clients and generate additional revenue by developing product awareness and understanding.

Engagement that matters

Highlight key messages on featured products – inform your clients about the best treatment options and driver sales.

VisioCare Consult What our clients say

Visiocare TV has been amazing for our waiting rooms, clients don’t realise the Vet is calling them as they are glued to the TV & kids love it. Very easy to use and update the from the Practice and new content from Visiocare on current topics ensure the viewing public get great Pet healthcare advice. Would highly recommend!

Tracy Lee, Practice Manager Oval Pet Centre, London