Connect with your clients Save time, reduce costs and develop close relationships with clients with this intuitive app

A smartphone app, available from your app store, From requesting appointments to receiving practice news and automated treatment reminders, VisioCare myBuddy is the pet app that can help you to engage with your clients, reducing the need for calls. Send photos, videos and messages of hospitalised patients, saving hours of your time.

  • Reduces phone line activity and eases staff time with instant communication
  • Increases practice revenue with 24/7 purchasing and appointment requests
  • Promotes flexible working with a simple cloud-based solution
  • Delivers updates to clients for peace of mind during inpatient treatments
  • A quality digital experience that meets customer expectations

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Available for all the team Improve communication with your client and your team

In addition to building client engagement the app is shown to significantly reduce the time practice staff spend dealing with client queries on the phone. Within the trusted framework of the app lengthy phone calls are replaced with quick updates with photos, videos and messaging.

Ongoing dialogue is key to helping pet owners see clinical value from your inpatient services. The app is free to download for pet owners and offers added-value content such as fact sheets, pet news articles and breed specific advice.


Quick and simple for clients to request appointments leaving phone lines free for more urgent care.

Product Orders

Increase sales with 24/7 client ordering of products and requests for repeat prescriptions.

Instant Messaging with video via the hospitisation app

Your practice team can save time by using instant messaging to send information to clients including inpatient updates.

Important Reminders

Hassle free notifications will increase compliance and improve practice revenue.

Essential Information

Instantly share practice protocols and updates with all your clients at the push of a button.

Home Care

Clients can explore articles, images and videos regarding pet health in the comfort of their own home saving time and improving compliance.

Hospitalisation app

The hospitalisation app provides picture, video and audio reassurance to patients when a pet is hospitalised providing reassurance and peace of mind.

Client control

Instant access to booking your services alongside inbuilt educational material helps clients feel in control of their pet’s health.

Time saving

Make it easy for your clients to request your services, repeat medications, food or a quick text message to the vet – you are always just a client away on their smartphones saving time and increasing your clients’ experience.

VisioCare Consult What our clients say

Visiocare TV has been amazing for our waiting rooms, clients don’t realise the Vet is calling them as they are glued to the TV & kids love it. Very easy to use and update the from the Practice and new content from Visiocare on current topics ensure the viewing public get great Pet healthcare advice. Would highly recommend!

Tracy Lee, Practice Manager Oval Pet Centre, London