Inform during consultations VisioCare Consult is a cloud-based library, using animations, videos and factsheets to support inclusive communication during your consultations

With over 1,400 items of peer-reviewed content, VisioCare Consult has been developed over many years by qualified veterinary professionals to save you time and improve vet communication. It is now used in clinics and consultation rooms across the UK, US, and France. Practices have noticed that by using VisioCare Consult during consultations, clients are more informed and more engaged in treatment plans and compliance and outcomes are greatly improved.

  • Helps clients to understand diagnoses in depth and more quickly using visual communication
  • Educates clients with simple yet comprehensive peer-reviewed 3D animations and imagery
  • Enables efficient and more effective consultations
  • Boosts revenue through increased treatment compliance
  • Improves client perception of the value of your practice

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Peer reviewed content A demonstration and education tool that improves client understanding and commitment to your practice

Often a vet needs to explain complex treatment options or routine procedures at a time when clients are feeling emotional and distracted. VisioCare Consult’s innovative and unique technology simplifies these conversations with its interactive library of over 1400 items, including illustrated 3D treatment animations, videos, X-rays, ultrasound videos and comprehensive factsheets.

A client who is educated and informed will be better engaged and confident in making choices when it comes to their pet’s treatment, improving compliance and outcomes.

It is very quick and simple to retrieve the information from the platform, simply search for a keyword, saving time in your clinics. VisioCare Consult fully supports your consultations, saving time on explanations. VisioCare content can also be emailed directly to clients so that they can easily convey treatment and condition information to loved ones not present during consultation

Extensive library

Includes complete dog, cat and rabbit 3D anatomical modelling, 1400 3D animated videos and 200+ images, film scans and radiographs.

Aid discussion

It is simple and intuitive to use so you can concentrate on your client whilst using the screen or iPad to reinforce your verbal explanations.

Effective consultations

Improving client communications and education within both the consult room and with COVID-secure kerbside consults. Facilitates quicker and more effective consultations – saving time and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Easy to share

With particularly complicated situations your client might need time to think about options and discuss it with loved ones. You can email a link to them so they can easily share the information required.

Improved compliance

Great-looking, high quality content makes it easy for your clients to understand their pets’ health and wellbeing. This leads to better treatment compliance and ultimately improves outcomes for the pet.

Time saving

Create bespoke playlists using the extensive VisioCare Consult library, to help save time during client consultation – at the press of a button!

VisioCare Consult What our clients say

I have had an excellent response and feel that clients have a much better understanding of conditions. Keeping to time during a consultation is actually easier with VisioCare. A few seconds of images can replace a long, detailed conversation, referring to images from books and even my drawing!

Brian Hogan, MRCVS, MVB, Cert SAS Clinical Director Blacks Vets, West Midlands

Visual learners are common among students. VisioCare Consult helps me teach students complex concepts in an easy and approachable way. VisioCare content is also beneficial for explaining to the owners what is happening to their pets. Increasing the owner’s knowledge level increases their trust in the clinicians. This translates to better care for our pets and increased animal welfare.

Ingrid Tundo Dipl EVDC MRCVS EBVS® DVM European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry Lecturer in Small Animal Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery Veterinary Clinical Services The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and The Roslin Institute

“I used the [VisioCare] video consult for teeth, and I enjoyed it , I imagine the waiting room TV is also great to have in clinic waiting rooms!”

Dr Louisa Graham BVM BVS BVMedSci PGcertVPS CertAVP(SAM) MRCVS Senior Veterinary Surgeon. Louisa completed an advanced qualification in Internal Medicine achieving a post graduate certificate in Veterinary Professional Studies, and certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice in Small Animal Medicine.