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With a firm understanding of the passion, professionalism and commitment of vets, the team realised a vision of providing services that will not only positively affect your practice efficiency but help to generate revenue and increase profitability too. This is achieved through three core modern and cost-effective services that have been proven to offer a significant return on investment.

  1. Consultation – book a 15 minute telephone consultation with one of our expert team who will discuss your requirements and provide tailored package ideas to suit your practice and book a full demo.
  2. Demonstration – after your consultation, our dedicated and friendly team will package the best products for you and provide your team with a demonstration. It takes no more than 45 mins, completely free and held remotely via Zoom.
  3. Installation – once you’ve decided which products are best suited to your practice and clients, it’s time for our team to provide convenient virtual training and support at a time that suits you.
  4. Support – it doesn’t end there! The team at VisioCare are always on hand to answer your questions, provide refresher training and any technical support you might need.


What is VisioCare Consult?

How should I start with the service ?

How can I become familiar with the usage of the service ?

What are the major features of the program ?

Can I share the animations and videos with my clients ?

Can I add content to the library ?

Is there a reason NOT to subscribe to VisioCare Consult ?

Why should I use VisioCare Consult ?

How does VisioCare Consult work ?

How easy is it to find content I’m looking for ?

Can I produce my own protocols ?

Does it take time from my usual consult ?

What is my return on investment with this service ?

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To date, VisioCare Services operate in three countries across the world, France, UK, and USA and has thousands of active users and growing

We will:

  • Work with you and the team to understand your needs
  • Provide full training and support at purchase and throughout your contract
  • Offer a friendly and comprehensive after-care technical-support service
  • Additional benefit of marketing-focused training to get the best from your products (VisioCare TV and myBuddy pet app)
  • Regular news and updates about your products and the features
  • Welcome all feedback and suggestions

Free Up Staff Time

Free up phone lines and staff time with instant communication tools at your fingertips

Promote customer loyalty

Lead the way by using an innovative digital suite of tools to bring your clients into a refreshed, modern practice

Enhance communication

Digital animations that can be sent via email and peer-reviewed content that opens up conversations with your client and improves understanding and communication

Optimise client compliance

Optimise pet owner understanding; there are more opportunities to learn with educational content

Improved, modern image for your practice

Both in the practice and at home. With services such as VisioCare Consult, full of 3D animations and VisioCare myBuddy the pet app, reaching out to all your clients

Increase demand for treatments and services

Make it easy for your clients to order – your services are always just a click away on their smartphones