How to Communicate Effectively with Clients

VisioCare Consult

The Digital Client Communication Tool for Vets

We like to describe VisioCare Consult as a digital library for vet professionals. It’s an easy-to-use, cloud-based database of images, animations, videos and more. These can be used as a visual aid to support your consultations, providing an advanced way of communicating with your clients effectively.

In a 2020 study, conducted on behalf of VisioCare Services by The Creative Group 60% of participants said they would find animations and images useful. Helping them to understand what the vet was explaining. But why is client communication so important?

Often a period of heightened emotion or even crisis, a visit to the vet can leave clients feeling they have many unanswered questions and a large bill that they don’t understand. These are considerations when communicating with clients and families.

With the simple email function, all the content from VisioCare Consult can be sent directly to clients. Leaving them to be reviewed in their own time, allowing important information to be processed, informed decision making and essentially improving compliance and satisfaction greatly.

All the content is peer-reviewed and is constantly being updated. This includes common and not-so-common clinical, medical and surgical interventions. Ensuring veterinary teams can communicate effectively with clients.

Here we have rounded up the most popular items of content on the platform, those that are accessed by our current users regularly during consults:


  1. Mitral Valve Disease and Endocardiosis factsheet
  2. TPLO animation
  3. Cruciate: rupture and drawer sign animation
  4. Anatomy and function of the heart valves animation
  5. Partial rupture of the cruciate ligament animation
TPLO animation

VisioCare Consult allows for a more inclusive and diverse consultation, by making sure that the information exchange is varied and multi-layered. Providing information to our clients in simple and varied formats allows effective communication with clients.

Cruciate: rupture and drawer sign animation

When using VisioCare Consult and the catalogue of content available, it minimises any barrier when communicating with clients. Such as language, social, cultural, age-related and so many more. Plus, when used by the whole practice team and utilising the ‘protocols’ function this valuable resource ensures continuity of care and can be recorded on the clinical history*

Anatomy and function of the heart valves animation

We all learn and understand in different ways, with the four most common styles: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and reading/writing.

There are over 2000 items on VisioCare Consult

which include factsheets, animations, videos, radiographs and ultrasound videos to help support your consults in the most comprehensive way, which you as the vet can narrate yourself.

Partial rupture of the cruciate ligament animation

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*VisioCare Consult can be integrated with Teleos PMS