Leadership in practice: How we GROW (part 3)

Leadership in practice: How we GROW (part 3)

Date: 26 Jan 2022, 7:00 PM

Guest Speaker: Alan Robinson B. V. Sc MRCVS DMS

Webinar Synopsis: In Webinar 3 we ask how we build for scale.

Increasingly, value is created through networks where partners share data, code, and skills; where communities of businesses create value and antifragility together. Adopt an ecosystem view to build meaningful communities that broaden our boundaries and influence.

To service this ecosystem we need to build data-rich tech platforms. Data isn’t simply about reporting what is happening in the business or answering a business question. Data is the business. Data can continually empower decisions and the value agenda in unexpected, yet promising ways.

High-performing practices promote a mindset of continuous learning that Accelerate learning as an organization and encourages and supports people to adapt and reinvent themselves to meet shifting needs.

In each webinar, I will ask you to pick one of these to focus on and put a project around it using the Impact Filter tool to start building your agenda as you emerge into this new reality.

You can view a video of this webinar here: