Leadership in practice: How we OPERATE (part 2)

Date: 1st December 2021 7-8pm

Guest: Alan Robinson – Vet Dynamics

Synopsis: Mini-Series part 2 – Leadership in practice: How we OPERATE

Webinar 2 examines and suggests strategies that prioritize speed of decision making and implementation. That requires radically flattening hierarchical structures so we can turbocharge decision making. Future-ready organizations structure themselves in ways that make them fitter, flatter, faster, and far better at unlocking considerable value from the team talent.

Currently, veterinary talent is vastly scarcer than money which means talent IS your capital. We need to ask three core questions:

What talent do we need?

How can we attract it?

How can we manage talent most effectively to deliver on our value agenda?

You can view a video of this webinar here: