VisioCare Consult partners with webpartner to create an unbeatable client experience

VisioCare Services are delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with the world’s largest online clinical reference source for veterinary practices, Webpartner, powered by Vetstream.

Webpartner provides a series of over 1,100 comprehensive, peer-reviewed owner factsheets from the relevant Vetlexicon services, covering a broad spectrum of pet care hints and tips. The factsheets cover a multitude of small and large animals, with categories from Behaviour to Heart Diseases, to Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures.

The partnership will combine the Webpartner service with VisioCare Services’ state-of-the-art digital consultation tool, VisioCare Consult. VisioCare Consult provides vets with detailed animations and videos to provide visual support in consultations. The assets within the platform offer a demonstrable guide to the animal’s anatomy, showing a visual and biologically accurate representation of the patient to the owner, and providing the consulting vet with an opportunity to gain a more comprehensive understanding from the owner on the procedures involved and the complexity of their pet’s condition.

Nicky Diver-Clarke, Marketing Executive for VisioCare Services comments: “The partnership with Webpartner, powered by Vetstream and VisioCare Consult will combine two extremely beneficial services. Both services aim to provide vets with the tools they need during consultations and post-consultation as both services provide takeaway solutions for the client. Not only will this aid in the understanding of the condition and the procedures involved, but the pet owner also then receives these details via email so that they can explain, demonstrate, and reassure loved ones of what treatment or procedures their beloved pet requires, when they get home.”

The partnership will offer bespoke, unique pricing packages with both products combined, creating a cost-effective solution for vet practices. Not only will the practice staff benefit from two unique and practical solutions, but the package will also include staff training and ongoing support from two responsive and knowledgeable teams.

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