Leadership in practice

‘Who we are: IDENTITY’

Date: 8th September @ 19:00
Guest Speaker: Alan Robinson B. V. Sc MRCVS DMS
Webinar Synopsis: Alan Robinson asks how do we strengthen identity? We need to take a stance on purpose and ask why are we here? People long to belong, and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Then we can ask what is important so we can sharpen our value agenda. The key is to use the value agenda to focus the organization’s efforts and instil a sense of what really matters in every employee. This clarity is what differentiates you from everyone else.

This builds culture which answers, ‘how do we show up?’ Culture becomes your ‘secret sauce’ advantage. Among the most successful companies, culture forms the backbone of organizational health and fuels sustained outperformance over time.

You can view a recording of this webinar here: