VisioCare Consult® Partners With Teleos To Provide Optimum Vet Experience

VisioCare Services are delighted to announce that we have partnered with leading veterinary practice, integrated management system, Teleos.

Practices who are currently using Teleos’ leading management software can now benefit from a new integration with VisioCare Consult®.

VisioCare Consult® is a unique, contemporary tool that can be used in consultations with clients, to raise awareness of conditions and using visual stimuli to drive understanding of conditions and injuries to ensure compliance with treatment and recovery.

Teleos is the largest independent supplier of Veterinary Practice Management Systems in the UK. Teleos have perfected a simplistic design that is able to not only streamline administrative processes, but also integrate with essential technology such as laboratory and x-ray equipment.

The new integration provides not only the benefits of VisioCare Consult® but is made remarkably simpler as the consult dashboard is accessible directly with the Teleos system. This allows ease of access for vets, but also the ability to share the information provided in consultation via email. Pet owners can then share what they have learned with loved ones and breakdown traditional barriers causing misunderstanding of treatment or procedures required by the pet, improving welfare.

Nicky Diver-Clarke, Marketing Executive and Resident Veterinary Nurse at VisioCare Services comments:

“What a great addition to the excellent benefits already available from VisioCare Consult, to have the ability to integrate it so easily into your practice management systems. We are delighted to partner with Teleos, especially as they are the independent leaders in their field. The work that has gone in to integrate our systems and the level of benefit to the practice is second to none! I know when I was in full time practice, being able to share this level of information with a client at the click of a button would have been amazing. Raising compliance with treatments and breaking down some of the communication barriers that will always exist between vet practice and owner can be achieved with this integration.”

If you are a practice using the Teleos Practice Management System you can integrate VisioCare Consult with ease – as an existing or new customer. For those who have yet to experience VisioCare Consult, it is a cost-effective technology solution and can be an excellent addition to your practice activities – all for less than the price of a takeaway coffee a day!

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