Training Your Cat To Love Their Carrier With myBuddy Pet App

Any pet owner that has a cat has probably, at some point, experienced the agony of trying to basket a cat that does NOT want to go in!

There are several ways we can change this to create a positive association…

Our cats are creatures of habit, and this can work in our favour if we can introduce a consistent and reward-based training program, getting them to happily wander into their basket of their own free-will. Just imagine that!This training takes time, patience and consistency and a big bag of very tasty treats!

With these top tips you can put away the gardening gloves and feel confident that you are doing all you can to make a trip in the cat-carrier a positive experience for everyone.

Tip 1 Leave the base of your cat carrier out, somewhere nice and quiet in your house. Somewhere your cat often sleeps. Be prepared to try several spots before finding the right place that your cat approves! Cats particularly enjoy a raised viewpoint.

Tip 2 Use blankets, treats and toys to turn the base of the carrier into a cosy nest-bed that your cat would choose to sleep in. Maybe add an item of your clothing too.

Tip 3 Reward your cat with tasty treats when they investigate the carrier and help to create a positive association.

Tip 4 Use a calming spray or plug-in product like Feliway to help your cat feel more relaxed and this will help to reinforce your training.

Tip 5 When your cat is regularly using the base as a bed then you can add the lid, without the door.

Finally, start this training with your cat as soon as possible, ideally when they are kittens. Also consider taking extra-tasty treats and snacks for them when you go to the vets for their annual vaccination booster and yearly check-up.

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