VisioCare myBuddy provides Top 5 Tips to Prevent Rabbit Flystrike

This week VisioCare Services and myBuddy are celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week

Rabbit Awareness Week this year celebrates its 15th birthday and we here at VisioCare Services want to share our Top Rabbit Tips for preventing Flystrike.

Rabbit Flystrike is a serious condition that is most prevalent during the warmer summer months. Flies, such as Bluebottles lay their eggs on dirty, moist skin (mostly around your rabbit’s bottom end). The fly larvae then hatch into maggots which can burrow under the skin and can cause death if left untreated. It can also affect other species, but this is less common.

How to prevent it? Rabbits, even as pets, are prey creatures, which means they are very good at hiding illness and injury. Fly larvae also produce an anaesthetic substance so early warning signs can be missed. It is important to check on your pet rabbit daily and consider:

Is your rabbit bright, eating well and hopping about?

Is your rabbit alert, keen to engage and pooping regularly?

Here are our 5 TOP TIPS to avoid FLYSTRIKE:

  1. Keep your rabbits living space fresh and clean. Replace soiled bedding daily and use rabbit-safe disinfectants to clean the hutch.
  2. Ensure your rabbits fur remains clean and dry and free from faeces and urine. You can do this by checking their back end twice daily during the summer months and grooming them regularly.
  3. Older or overweight rabbits may struggle to keep themselves clean, so they will need extra care and attention.
  4. Remove uneaten fresh food from the hutch to avoid attracting flies this way.
  5. Avoid a muesli-based diet as this often means your rabbit produces larger amounts of poop.

How to treat it? Ask your vet about suitable fly repellent or larvae inhibitor products to protect your rabbit. This combined with the preventative methods can ensure your rabbit stays happy, hoppy and healthy.

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PLEASE NOTE: The condition can become severe in a short space of time, call your vet immediately if you are worried. Flystrike is potentially life threatening and considered a vet emergency.

Through our pets app, myBuddy we always provide the best guidance we can to help you with issues that affect your pets, whether cats, dogs, rats, rabbits or reptiles. However, we would always recommend you call your vet or get in touch via the myBuddy app if your pet is distressed or not their usual self for immediate advice.