VisioCare Services Pledges to Donate to Two UK Animal Charities for Every Demo of the VisioCare Services myBuddy App Booked

The month of April 2021 marks National Pet Month in the UK. So, in celebration, VisioCare Services will be donating £5 to two UK animal charities for every free demo of the VisioCare Services myBuddy app booked until the end of the month.

The two chosen UK charities are the National Animal Welfare Trust and Give a Dog a Bone. Carry on reading to find out more them.

National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) has five rehoming centres across England. The charity specialises in rehoming a range of animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and even field animals. Just like many charities, the NAWT centres have struggled throughout the pandemic as they have been unable to open to the public for visiting. In order to show our support, and to play our part in assisting with animal care, we will be donating £5 to NAWT for every FREE demo of the VisioCare Services myBuddy app booked before the end of the April. Click the link at the end of the blog to request your free demo, today.

If you are based in Scotland, you may have heard of the charity ‘Give a Dog a Bone’. The charity – which supports communities in Glasgow, Troon and Alloa – has been set up to remove the financial barriers related to owning a pet and provide companions to the elderly. The charity assists the over 60s population who are struggling to afford to feed their pets, assisting them with their monthly food and/or insurance costs. Give a Dog a Bone also pays for rehoming fees and provides monthly support to those over 60 who would benefit from a pet companion but cannot afford one. The charity has had many successes, and we would love to support their brilliant work. In celebration of National Pet Month, VisioCare Services will also be donating £5 to Give a Dog a Bone for ever demo of the VisioCare Services myBuddy app booked before the end of the month.

Do you want to help us, help them? Book your free demo, here.

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