Ten Benefits of using the myBuddy Pet App

The myBuddy Pet App is an effective and affordable mobile pet app that offers many benefits to your practice, your clients, and their pets. As we all know in this day and age, more activity is being actioned online as people want the ability to do things at the touch of a button. Moving into a digital era shouldn’t be challenging or daunting, in fact, it offers a vast opportunity for veterinary teams. App-based technology allows you to provide in-demand services to your clients while reducing pressure on your team.

The best thing you can do for your clients is to keep them informed, whether this is communicated through your website, social media channels, or a pet app. We have listed ten key benefits below to highlight how the myBuddy Pet App can help you in your business.

  1. Reduce the time practice staff spend dealing with client queries
  2. Build client engagement
  3. Help reduce the number of inbound calls requesting standard information, thus helping to free up valuable staff time
  4. Improved appointment attendance thanks to our reminder system and improved compliance
  5. Sell more services through in-app push notifications
  6. 24/7 access for clients to request appointments, products, and medication
  7. Safe and easy to use dashboard you can access, anywhere, anytime
  8. Improve client relationships with fast and effective 2-way communication
  9. Easily communicate practice news and updates to your client
  10. Save time in your practice thanks to online orders and appointments

BVA President, Daniella Dos Santos, Vet Times quotes: “If new ways of working are to be considered, now is the time to do it.” As we move into a new way of working, it’s clear that Covid-19 could stay for the long term. Practice staff are being stretched more thinly, and communication is swiftly moving online, therefore it is beneficial to your practice to do what you can to help manage the situation and to adapt to the ‘new normal’ ways of working. This will benefit your practice, your staff, clients, and furry friends.

If you would like to save time and money and develop close client relationships with this intuitive app, you can request a free demonstration on our website and if you have any further questions, you can email us at enquiries@visiocareservices.com or call us on 01403 800 135.

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