Study finds that 84% of pet owners want clearer communication on their pets treatment plan

VisioCare Services, part of Veterinary Insights has recently completed a research exercise to help understand the current pain points pet owners experience when visiting their veterinary practice.

Creative Pod, part of The Creative Group conducted this study on behalf of VisioCare Services. As part of the research, they surveyed over 450 people from 1st – 30th September 2020. Key findings from the exercise indicate that 42% of pet owners felt that they only had a moderate understanding after their vet has talked them through a procedure, using words alone. While 60% of them said they would find it useful if animations and digital images could be used.

Long before COVID, pet owners used to book appointments online and over the phone with a receptionist, however, this past year has pushed the issue within the market, with 84% of respondents stating that they would find it useful if their veterinary practice had an app, which allowed them to manage an aspect of their pet’s wellbeing, including requesting appointments.

The findings tie in nicely with VisioCare’s various resources which help to improve client communication and engagement before, during and after consultations.

  • VisioCare Consult – a communication tool which allows Vets to explain a wide range of topics and treatments to pet owners using 3-D, animated visual resources
  • The myBuddy pet app – a dedicated pet app for Vets to communicate with customers to manage all aspects of daily pet care, wellbeing and treatment

Alexander Arpino, Managing Director, Veterinary Insights, said: “It is more important than ever that veterinary practices invest in new technology to not only stay up to date but to be able to give pet owners peace of mind, in a very uncertain market. The myBuddy pet app and VisioCare Consult are two tools that can be easily integrated into practices to help improve client communication and satisfaction.”

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